The 4th International Conference on Internet, Education and Information Technology (IEIT 2024)
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Keynote Speakers 1 


Prof. Aniruddha Bhattacharjya


Brief Introduction Aniruddha Bhattacharjya is a PhD Alumni of Tsinghua University. He was a PhD scholar (Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) holder) in Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China under supervision of Prof. Xing Li (Present mentor) [ Late Prof. Wang Jing was his mentor]. This PhD work was supported by National Basic Research Program of China (2012CB316006), and National S&T Major Project (2015ZX03002010-002) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61631013). He got full travel and conference funding from Tsinghua University's School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) and the Key Laboratory of Universal Wireless Communications (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Ministry of Education, P.R.China (No.KFKT- 2014101) and National Basic Research Program of China (2012CB316000) to present his paper in Cambridge University, UK. He got full funding for his project from the Key Laboratory of Universal Wireless Communications (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Ministry of Education, P.R.China (No.KFKT- 2014101) also. Department URL His research interests are Cryptography, Information security, Applications of cryptography and IoT and CPS securities etc. He got best paper award in ACM ICC 2016, in Cambridge University, U.K. He has published 40 above International conferences and journal papers and book chapters. He has 15 years above teaching and research experiences. He has a Chinese Innovation patent granted as on date with Tsinghua University's affiliation and as per the protocol of the university. He is Senior member of IEEE. He is the Founder Chairman and Executive Director (DIN 10414713) of BCBRBAB INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.

He is also Senior Member of IEEE Communication Society and Senior Member of IEEE Computer Society. From 2010 he is working with 500 and above International conferences voluntarily of IEEE, ACM, and other renowned publishers' conferences. This year he is working as reviewer with IEEE ICC'24 - IoTSN Symposium, IEEE WCNC 2024 - Track 1, and IEEE WCNC 2024 - Track 3 and others. He is Guest Editor for Several SCI indexed Journals.  He is Reviewer for prestigious SCI journals like: IEEE Access, Future Generation Computer Systems, Information Sciences, Computers & Security, MPDI Journals, Drones II.Sustainability, Sensors, Processes, Energies, Applied Sciences, Symmetry, Electronics, etc.

Keynote Speakers 2


Prof. Feng Yongjun

Shaanxi Normal University, China

Brief IntroductionFeng Yongjun, born in 1980, professor and doctoral supervisor (postdoctoral cooperative tutor) of Shaanxi Normal University, founder of the "Lide • Shuren" educational school of thought, Phd of education of Xiamen University, and postdoctoral educator of Beijing Normal University. Founder of the China Higher Education Tracking Survey Project (CHESP), Executive Director of the National College Human Resources Management Professional Committee, Director of the Higher Education Professional Committee of the China Education Development Strategy Society, Director of the University Professional Committee of the Innovation Talent Education Research Association, Director of the Imperial Examination Culture Research Branch/Children's Mongolian Culture Research Branch of the Chinese Yan Huang Culture Research Association, and Rotating Chairman of the China University Quality Monitoring and Assurance Alliance (CUQA), expert of the National Social Science Fund project evaluation and appraisal, expert of the National Postgraduate Educational Assessment Monitoring Expert Pool of the Ministry of Education of PRC, researcher of Hebei Public Policy Assessment Research Center, a "A" level think-tank in the Top 100 University Think Tanks List of China Think Tank Index (CTTI), expert of the Think Tank Expert Alliance of Chengdu Chongqing Economic Circle, and chief expert of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Higher Education Development Research Center of China Education Think Tank Assessment System (CETTE). He used to be the executive director and core expert of the evaluation research team of China Alumni association Online University, the executive vice president of Airuisen Research Institute, the co-founder of China University/Discipline/Specialty/Talent Ranking, consulting experts such as QS, THEs, ARWU, the president of AIBONA China Academy of Evaluation Sciences, the director of AIBONA China Education Evaluation Liberal Arts Laboratory, the president of AIBONA Chinese Education Modernization Research Institute The director of AIBONA Education.